YACKO – Ink And Paint ft. RANDOM [Video]



Got my first one on my back
a delicate angel in black
with the wings wide spread
protect me from the bad
black and red stars comin up next
got two not one comin with a full spec
im free as a bird yeah i pay my tax
survivor of my own life sailor to the gen x
aint nothing but love to the arts
reminiscing some time from the start
the lower back is cravin for colors
black and grey represent the superiors
if u think one is enough why do i keep wanting for more
knocking at the right door
u kno what im waiting for

so what so what so what u want
so tell me tell me what u want 2X

dya wanna get inked?
u wanna get inked?
dya wanna get inked?
and tag ur mark on the wall 2x

scribbled scratched sprayed NYC to Jtown
spray paint marker pens all over the town
from wild style to stylewars
the black flag to blackstars
from the toys to the top
getting rep never stop
the black book is the gold
it’ll never be sold
the burners, the throw ups, the tags, the pieces
it’s the king and queen’s the proof of skills
the more the place u hit
the higher the throne u fit

tag tat tag tat tag tat tagatagatat 4 x