STUDIORAMA SESSIONS: Ramayana Soul x Aras & Aya – Mawar Batu

Ramayana Soul blends western psychedelia with eastern sensibilities; hence the amalgamation of sounds between sexy electric guitar, flowing bass lines, decisive drumming, serene sitar, and groovy tabla.

In this video, we can experience their collaboration with two dancing pixies which are Aras Ratri Kara and Aya Adhani; the former is a yoga enthusiast while the latter experiments with contemporary dancing. In other words, like Ramayana Soul, Aras & Aya also reflect a friendly clash between eastern and western cultures.

The collaboration, as we can see from the video, turns out to be a paragon audiovisual piece. Notice how Ramayana Soul’s “Mawar Batu”—the band’s love letter to The Stone Roses—complements Aras & Aya’s graceful body motion, and vice versa. Both parties’ interest at combining two very different, if not totally opposite, cultures is the key aspect in the blooming of this video.

via STUDIORAMA Jakarta

Maafkan atas keterbatasan pengetahuan musik saya, tapi video ini mengingatkan saya pada band kesukaan saya yaitu Kula Shaker alias keren!

STUDIORAMA SESSIONS: Ramayana Soul x Aras & Aya - Mawar Batu