The New Wave of Barbershops

Barbering isn’t just a job. It’s an art form, a culture, and a lifestyle. In this episode of Subculture Club, we take a look at three unique barbershops around Los Angeles and discover why making dudes look their best is their number one priority.


“Camraderie In The Man Cave” – The Proper Barbershop –

Vinnie Morey and Trent Magnano of The Proper Barbershop reveal how they created their business as a way of bringing back the classic old fashioned barbershop to the modern world. They made a men’s playhouse. Being a barber is a “traditional profession, but it seems really young right now” and when you visit Proper.


“Old School, But Never Old Fashioned” – Bolt Barbers –

Mohawk Matt of Bolt Barbers in downtown Los Angeles explains how his shop is “old school, but never old fashioned.” Bolt Barbers offers traditional shoe shining, with a turntable and really slick leather chairs, this shop was built by guys for guys and is nothing short of new school hip stylish.


“A Cut Above The Rest” – Capsule Barbers –

Vince Garcia, owner of Capsule Barbershop – explains how he created his shop in effort to build a culture, to build a community for guys to look fresh and feel clean.