DIVIDE – Dear Lions [Video]

Video musik DIVIDE – Dear Lions dari album The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth.

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Diproduksi oleh:
Director: Alfano michael
DOP: Adnan liansyah & Fiqi Dewanta
Editor offline: Fiqi Dewanta
Editor online: Adnan Liansyah

Divide - Dear Lions
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Lirik  DIVIDE – Dear Lions :

We shall walk hand in hand

A discord’s ruined everything
Disaster is unavoidable
We have become something that we are not
This is too horrible, we are not the noble

What have we become? Wake up! Speak up!
Let’s end this till’ the very end (the very end)

Wondering if this will ever stop
Knowing i’ve never felt so lost (felt so lost)
I can’t do this on my own (can’t do this on my..)
Just let me breathe, let me breathe now

I can’t believe That My mind is starting to turn on me
Oh cant you see ?
All i need is for this to cease
I’ve got nothing left to give
Nothing to left give

There’s a world inside me
And it has begun to collapse
This is not the end, for i have found the answer
I know the light is blinding to the naked eyes
So why don’t we take these steps away from being alone?

What have we become? Wake up! Speak up!
What have we become? We will rise up!