Gang War, Deleted Scene The Raid 2: Berandal

Adegan perkelahian antar geng yang dihapus dari film The Raid 2: Berandal. Mengapa dihapus? Menurut Gareth Evans,

Ini adalah satu dari beberapa adegan yang dihapus dari film. Alasan pemotongan berkaitan dengan ritme filmnya. Mungkin inilah saat yang terberat bagi saya untuk memotongnya, mengingat proses produksi adegan ini berlangsung selama enam hari syuting, membutuhkan biaya yang tidak sedikit, dan menyajikan perang antar geng yang melibatkan orang di luar politik internal geng. [via]

Atau dalam penjelasan asli oleh Gareth dalam Bahasa Inggris:

Reasons to cut were entirely down to pacing issues. This was probably the hardest for me to cut due to the fact that the production on this scene lasted around 6 days of shooting, it cost us a fuck load to make and it served to escalate the gang war out onto the streets involving people outside of the closed off inter-gang politics.

At the end of the day though, after discussing its worth it took us away from the central theme for a little too long with characters that would only exist in this scene alone.

Whenever I edit a film – every scene feels like a precious moment. “No fucking way can I cut this” is a regular phrase I utter at Aram (one of the producers at XYZ Films who patiently worked with me to get the film to it’s final cut) but his patience was always a virtue and it’s when you make a cut and no longer miss it from the bigger picture a few days down the line that you realise it was the right decision to make.

But I still want you guys to see the chaos and the mayhem we had in store, and so with the release of the film coming in a few days time – here’s a sample of one of the action scenes that simply didn’t make it.