[Free Download] Stars and Rabbit – Old Man Finger (Live at Deus)

Old Man Finger

White flag on a green grass
Colorful laundry on the rocks
Houses on the woods

Mini carousel on the tarnish field
Dirty ducks on a little river
Abandoned bricks filled with the growing trees

The cut kissing scene from my favorite movie once
The moving picture of a song I usually sing

Just some foggy horizon
Clouds with no shape
Waiting for no sun
Cover the tracks of the mountains

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Live At Deus (Bali)
Produced by Stars and Rabbit
Recorded by Riva Pratama
All tracks mixed & mastered by Riva Pratama at Dagobah System
Artwork by Nady Azhry

Riva Pratama
+62 8 1717 4111 / +62 813 1717 4111

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